the climate and the landscape

Although the landscape is quite desert-like because of the low rainfall, during April and May the hillsides turn green and there is an abundance of wild flowers.

The mountains abound with wild rosemary, thyme and lavender, which scent the air among the pine trees.

Summer evenings are warm, and in town all age-groups sit outside until late, the bars staying open until the early hours.

From February to March the almond trees burst into flower, coating the hills in swathes of pink and white.

In winter the higher mountains are snow capped and snow can fall at lower levels too, though it rarely lasts long.

But it's the summer when the region comes to life, with fiestas and carnivals and the relaxed atmosphere for which the local people are renowned.


The climate is continental with long hot summers and cold winters. Rainfall is generally low throughout the year.

The advantage of cave houses is that they maintain a reasonably constant temperature, so no matter how hot it is outside, the cave remains pleasantly cool, eliminating any need of air-conditioning.